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507 King Georges Rd
Beverly Hills NSW 2209

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(02) 9580 7220
(02) 9580 3412



Prices $$

Average Meal Price $34 - based on one entree & main course only

General Price
Entrees $4.95-$12.95
Mains $21.95-$26.95
Pancakes $6.95-$19.95


Prices last updated:  06/2013


Sun to Thu 7am - Midnight
Fri to Sat 7am - 1am




Dining Features
Child Friendly Menus


Parking Suggestions
Parking available underneath, access via Stoney Creek Road

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    User Reviews of Pancakes On The Rocks, Beverly Hills


    Displaying: 1 - 9 of 9 reviews

    3 Below Average

    Food  1      Ambience  5      Service  5      Value  1     

    Took the kids (3 & 6) there for a special sunday breakfast treak. The coffee was nice but the food was awful. The hashbrowns soaked in fat without any flavour, the scrambled eggs appeared to be made from powdered eggs, the ice cream was cheap and the pancakes were artificial. The kids had one bite and did not touch the food again. Nice idea but it was simply not nice food at all.

    Jun 01, 2014 

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    8.8 Highly Recommended

    Food  9      Ambience  8      Service  9      Value  9     

    Was pleasantly surprised by the high quality experience here all round, particularly with the other negative comments as well as the harsh critique of the previous restaurant in this venue.

    The pancakes and all day breakfast options were mindblowingly good, better than even the City ones. The staff looked after us like royalty, and asked several times whether we enjoyed our meals. They made no mistakes.

    Everyone around us looked like they were having a fun time. And it ended up being under $20 each, which is significantly below the average of English-styled restaurants at Beverly Hills.

    2 bits of nitpicking - there are no obvious signs to direct you to underground parking (ended up parking above in the heat), and the karaoke machine does not state on the TV what video is playing.

    These are very small points in a fantastic dining experience! Don't know what the negative commenters are on about!

    Jan 23, 2014 

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    7.8 Recommended

    Food  7      Ambience  8      Service  8      Value  8     

    Love the family friendliness most of all. Go early or on weeknights if you don't want to wait in line. Not as good as the city. I used to love the pork ribs but don't think they are as good as the city. Don't fall off the bone as easily. Pancakes are good. Swiss shakes did not seem as sweet as I last remember.

    Mobile Review Sep 10, 2013 

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    2 Not Recommended

    Food  1      Ambience  3      Service  2      Value  2     

    Service staff seemed to be preoccupied and it seemed a chore to serve us. I went with my wife and kids. Took 15 mins to serve us drinks after we were seated. Wife ordered Pork Ribs. They were pretty good. Unfortunately that is as good as it got. Kids had pancakes (one long stack with ice cream and one Strawberry Patch). For a restaurant specializing in pancakes these were terrible. It was like putting a spoon full of flour in your mouth followed by a spoon full of what was suppose to be butter but tasted more like canola oil. The pancakes were barely touched. I had the Thai Chicken Crepes which looked like a dog's breakfast on lettuce. To top the night off the waitress who took our bill couldn't wait to shuffle us out the door. Not even asking how the meal was or even a thank you for coming. I have had better receptions at most fast food outlets.

    Sep 06, 2013 

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    6 Average

    Food  6      Ambience  6      Service  6      Value  6     

    Very busy place for lunch. Tandoori Chicken pizza was tasty and fresh, Pork Ribs were full of flavour and we finished off our meal with The Ultimate Pancake. We were well looked after by the waiter and we thoroughly enjoyed our visit. Planning to bring my family and hopefully, we will get the same service and same quality in food.

    Aug 30, 2013 

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    9 Highly Recommended

    Food  9      Ambience  9      Service  9      Value  9     

    Go early (5:30 pm) unless you want to wait in a long queue. Pesto & pine nut crust and wedges were excellent, satay chicken crepes were very tasty (though a little too spicy for me). Dessert pancakes were fantastic (black forest and blueberries) and huge. Servings were generous and the service was friendly and efficient. Thoroughly enjoyed.

    Aug 28, 2013 

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    6.3 Average

    Food  6      Ambience  6      Service  6      Value  7     

    Busy place, probably because still quite new. Pancakes are always nice as expected but I wouldn't go to eat their pizzas or other regular food again. It was ok.

    Jul 26, 2013 

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    5 Average

    Food  4      Ambience  6      Service  5      Value  5     

    Certainly nothing like the City Pancakes on the Rocks! Horrible service as the waitress dropped plates, cutlery and drinks. Food was below average to say the least however it seemed to redeem itself slightly with the pancakes. Steak was under cooked - Chips were cold - Orders were taken incorrectly. The wait was ridiculous.

    They do not do split billing even when we worked out the splits ourselves after the waitress informed us it was ok. Not going back! (Unfortunately we did not take photos).

    Jun 28, 2013 

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    8 Recommended

    Food  7      Ambience  6      Service  10      Value  9     

    Dinner here sat night first weekend it was opened. Made a booking luckily and got to walk through by passing the long queue. Was exactly what I expected, loads of families and children which was great!

    Ordered the Mexicana crepe was simple and delightful. Pesto pizza was a little dry just needed a touch of olive oil.

    Great place to take children and dine in groups. Great place for mothers on maternity leave as its child stroller friendly.

    Would definitely dine here again but, will stick with the pancakes as the other items on the menu are just average.

    Service was brilliant for an opening weekend that was packed to the rafters.

    Mobile Review Jun 18, 2013 

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    Displaying: 1 - 9 of 9 reviews

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