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107 Addison Rd
Marrickville NSW 2204

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(02) 8065 6337




Mon to Sun 1pm - 9pm




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Established in 2012

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    User Reviews of Mancora Peruvian Cuisine, Marrickville


    Displaying: 1 - 7 of 7 reviews

    5.5 Average

    Food  8      Ambience  8      Service  2      Value  4     

    Ah, Mancora, what to say about you? The food really was tasty. It was a modern twist on Peruvian food. It was a humble cuisine with meat and vegetables but the presentation was modern, lovely, and the flavours strong. Our yucca chips were amazing. It was the version of a seafood paella. It was very tasty and the lamb ribs fat and succulent. It was a bit pricey for the style of cuisine and the neighbourhood. I liked the setting and decor.

    But the service. Oh dear! It felt that it was the waitress' first night perhaps. While the host seemed to be hiding out in the kitchen helping the chef and trying to figure out how they would serve a full restaurant on a Friday night. The food was terribly slow to arrive. How do you fix a problem like Mancora? If I knew we could go back and be served promptly, I'd definitely try it again.

    Jul 29, 2014 

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    3 Below Average

    Food  5      Ambience  5      Service  1      Value  1     

    Food was nothing special: Lamb just fat and bone, ceviche okay but chewy and prawns were pretty "meh". Our waitress didn't speak a word of English and seemed to have absolutely no idea what she was doing: the bottle of wine we brought in got no response, so I asked/mimed for 2 glasses; finally they got plonked on the table; No ice bucket, no further service, we had to open and pour our own, but still ended up with a corkage charge. Overall, $82 for 1 entree and 2 mains (all forgettable) with no service to speak of is just way too much. Don't bother with this place, if you're in the area go to Seed or Silva's.

    Jul 25, 2014 

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    8.3 Highly Recommended

    Food  8      Ambience  8      Service  8      Value  9     

    Food was interesting with great flavours. Lovely ambience and good service. We had a great night.

    Apr 18, 2014 

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    7.8 Recommended

    Food  8      Ambience  9      Service  7      Value  7     

    I visited this restaurant with my partner and her mum. We had travelled in Peru before so were happy to see a Peruvian restaurant open up in our area.

    We went on a busy night, it seemed that Sydney's Peruvian and South American community had all come out to try the new restaurant which added atmosphere to the place. Although it was very busy the staff were very helpful in creating another table space for us.

    We ordered the ceviche classico, a chicken main and two seafood mains (I can't remember which because I ate the chicken!). The ceviche was delicious and the mains were very good and filling. A round of pisco sours washed it down beautifully!

    Highly recommended.

    Nov 19, 2013 

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    6.3 Average

    Food  7      Ambience  6      Service  4      Value  8     

    After reading about it in "good food" I wanted to visit the restaurant for some time. Despite the average reviews it was a pleasant surprise and in my view well worth a visit.

    It appears the owners have taken on board the feedback, the lighting was lower and more comfortable, in fact dimmer again with a few candles would make it even better.

    We started with the Ceviche Classico, the fish was fresh and clean and the hint of corn and touch of sweet potato were a perfect sweet compliment to the tart lemon lime marinade.

    We followed this with the marinated octopus layered in pureed potato, avocado and other condiments. The dish was flavoursome and the combination of textures interesting.

    We selected an unfamiliar Chilean Chardonnay (to keep to the region). It was fruity, dry, and not woody, it worked perfectly with both entrees and as it turns out our heavier mains.

    For main we shared the lamb rib and a prawn and scampi dish both served with the South American stable of rice and chips and a few homemade condiments. The ribs were sensational, full flavoured and tender. The accompanying chips, which ordinarily i would have frowned upon, were delicious and perfectly cooked. The rice steamed or cooked in stock matched well.

    We ordered a side salad to give us some greens but overall the dish was great. The prawn/scampi dish was good. The school prawns were cooked in red peppers and onion which were caramelised adding great flavour, however I thought the small school prawns could have been replaced with a larger and more generous variety, but for the price (between $20 and $25) I didn't think I could complain. Given another visit I’d try the spatchcock whole ($28)

    The dish sizes gave us room for dessert, which on the night of our visit only two were available; we ordered both. The rice pudding and the "purple corn", the latter being almost an under set corn-starch jelly with pear or a similar fruit. Individually the desserts were ok, but combined, the cinnamon rice pudding dipped in the sweet corn-starch jelly was a treat.

    All the meals were beautifully presented and the chef showed skills akin to fine dining rather than basic fare. Unfortunately the service was a bit "homely" and unprofessional, but on the mid-week visit we were the only couple in the restaurant so the pleasant familiarity and genuineness of the staff made us overlook the service shortcomings.

    It appears the owner has taken on board some of the feedback and the lights were lower than in the website images making the space more comfortable, but I reckon they could take it a notch further, lower the lighting and introduce candles. On a busy night with softer lighting with the standard of food, this place will be a real treat. Don’t go expecting it to be a polished Surry Hills dining experience but give it a go, you’ll be pleasantly surprised.

    Aug 01, 2013 

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    7.8 Recommended

    Food  9      Ambience  7      Service  8      Value  7     

    Pleasantly surprised. A good traditional Peruvian Cuisine. Ceviche is done well and so was the Lomo Saltado, Arroz con Pollo and Jalea.

    May 05, 2013 

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    4.8 Average

    Food  5      Ambience  7      Service  3      Value  4     

    You know what it's like? A few friends get together. One of them can cook (in this case Peruvian food,) and they decide to open a restaurant. They find an empty shop, spruce it up and open the doors.

    Initial impressions are good. The room looks inviting although the lack of air conditioning quickly becomes apparent.

    The service, whilst friendly and well meaning, is completely amateurish and chaotic. The menu seems mostly to be comprised of minor variations on the same theme and the food is ultimately unremarkable apart from the unwanted addition do a spoon of frozen sweet corn and dried bananas.

    The wait staff have absolutely no idea e.g. "Would you mind keeping your entree cutlery for your mains?" Well not when paying these prices is my reply. One of two wait staff disappeared during the middle of a busy Saturday night service and arrived back on duty with a mouth full of food. We do notice these things. Yuk. Oh and pouring my beer and taking away the bottle with some beer left in it. You can see what I mean by amateurish.

    Finally, to the kitchen. It seemed that on almost every table the main courses failed to arrive at the same time. When the food did arrive (one and a half hours later) it was very ordinary.

    10/20. Not recommended.

    Dec 09, 2012 

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    Displaying: 1 - 7 of 7 reviews

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