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107 Pitt St
Sydney CBD NSW 2000

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(02) 8240 9000

Reservations on (02) 8240 9000



Rooms & Capacity

No of Seats 200


Mon to Sun 11:30am - 11pm




Parking Station
Street Parking
Parking Suggestions
Ezi Carpark at 109 Pitt St

Overview of Jamie's Italian

The ‘Jamie’ in Jamie’s Italian is the “Naked Chef” himself Jamie Oliver, British chef extraordinaire, restaurateur and media personality. Jamie says he should have been Italian as he totally admires the Italian lifestyle, cuisine and traditions. Jamie’s Italian is his homage to rustic and simple Italian dishes, what you would find ordinary folks enjoying over in Italy. Jamie’s Italian is also focused on using the best seasonal ingredients sourced locally and in Italy. Pasta is made fresh daily in the restaurant’s front window where the public can easily check it out.

Jamie’s Italian aims to bring good and authentic Italian food to the people at good value as well. The restaurant is well designed, featuring a lot of intimate corners that make the ambience friendly.

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    User Reviews of Jamie's Italian, Sydney CBD

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    Displaying: 1 - 10 of 252 reviews

    7.8 Recommended

    Food  8      Ambience  8      Service  8      Value  7     

    This was my second time visiting Jamie's and the menu had just changed on that day to suit the spring season.

    For entrees we ordered the cripsy prawns, fried gnocchi and arancini balls. All the entrees were delicious, but i especially loved the cripsy prawns which were wrapped in thin pasta and then deep fried.

    For mains we opted for the pork chop and black angel spaghetti. The pork chop was a stand out, being extremely tender and flavoursome. The pasta was a bit of a let down, being too salty and i would of liked a little more scallops.

    As a side, we also had the polenta chips that everyone has been raving about. They were delicious but quite heavy, i found about 2 chips i couldn't fit any more in.

    Overall the bill came to $89 which i thought was fairly reasonable for the amount of food we had order.

    Oct 10, 2014 

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    7.3 Recommended

    Food  8      Ambience  7      Service  7      Value  7     

    I took my nephew and his girlfriend here last evening. This is a very crowded, slightly cramped and noisy venue (as it is quite clearly intended to be). We waited a little while to be seated.

    We shared our entrees and found them all to be very good indeed, we ordered separate mains and each of us found their choice to be outstanding (lamb chops, lasagna, bone in steak).

    The service was good and friendly. All in all a pretty good restaurant for a casual modern Italian influenced meal; I intend to dine here again.

    Oct 02, 2014 

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    1 Not Recommended

    Food  1      Ambience  1      Service  1      Value  1     

    Went here tonight and wow what a disappointment. Cocktails were horrible- Watery and flavourless, choice was very limited. has 3 different ones and none were good. They also only have 2 Beers available and 1 cider available to order.

    Entrees took over 45 mins to come out. and were very lack luster and smallest portions Ive ever seen. for $15 for squid and only got about 4 small slivers of squid about 2 cm long and 1 cm wide. Bread bucket was a poor excuse for a entree.

    Mains I ordered the Strip loin and at $32 and wow what a disappointment.
    I ordered to be cooked medium but came well done. Was full of fat and had little to no seasoning. Also came with a side of rocket that was about as big as my thumb. For $32 I expected a little more than a $6 piece of steak and 8 rocket leaves.

    Lucky I didn't order the Salmon as a few people did and were all astounded at the portion size. was about as big as your thumb. Worst thing was plates they they put on our table were all covered in dishwasher crap on under side. I informed waiter and they apologized but for a restaurant of these pricing levels it wasn't enough just to apologise.

    Overall was a terrible atmosphere and was extremely cold with a draft blowing right through restaurant. If you expect anything of good standard keep walking as this place has Jamie Olivers name on the door but that about where it stops.
    I think they outsourced the restaurant to an Indian call centre.

    ? $26.50! Salmon $32 Steak

    Aug 28, 2014 

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    7.3 Recommended

    Food  7      Ambience  8      Service  7      Value  7     

    Rustic, Industrial layout with a vibrant, casual and cosy atmosphere

    Will impress
    Great for a catch up with the girls – lots of plates to share/nibble on. Will also satisfy a hungry boyfriend who loves his pub food – Plenty of carbs and meat!


    Dress code
    Smart casual, the vibe is really relaxed.

    Amazing wine selection. Loved: Luccarelli Primitivo Di Puglia IGT, Italy 2012

    Must try dishes
    I went straight for the antipasto and side dishes, pick a few dishes to share: Meat planks, polenta chips, arancini balls and of course the epic brownie. (Also had the special but its no longer on offer – included in images above)

    Love Bangers x

    blogRead more on my blog

    May 26, 2014 

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    6.3 Average

    Food  5      Ambience  7      Service  8      Value  5     

    The service and atmosphere were great but it's a bit claustrophobic in there and the food was rather disappointing and expensive for what it was.

    May 19, 2014 

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    9.5 Highly Recommended

    Food  9      Ambience  10      Service  10      Value  9     

    Have eaten here twice (lunch and dinner), both times very impressed. Service was fantastic on both occasions and food was outstanding. All 6 friends loved it also. Will definitely eat here again.

    May 18, 2014 

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    6.3 Average

    Food  5      Ambience  8      Service  5      Value  7     

    There are a lot more nicer Italian around Sydney, for sure. Went there for dinner on sunday (mothers day), wasn't busy as we arrived at 5.30pm. We spent 2.5 hour as food takes a while to show up. too slow.

    Fish entree was nice, and so is calamari. tagliatelle bolognese was average at best, pasta itself is good. but overall not enough to make it special. Pork Belly is also average. Tiramisu is pretty standard with an orange twist, worth a try.

    Will I be back? Probably not.. not when there are so many other great italian ristorante around.

    May 15, 2014 

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    7.3 Recommended

    Food  7      Ambience  8      Service  8      Value  6     

    Are you a very patient person that has time to wait an hour to be seated? Great customer service. Varied menu. Check out my blog for pics.

    blogRead more on my blog

    May 11, 2014 

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    5.5 Average

    Food  7      Ambience  7      Service  6      Value  2     

    The food was nice but small portions. Cute waiters. Waiting for seat was bit long but overall was enjoyable night. Bit pricey overall.

    Mobile Review May 05, 2014 

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    7 Recommended

    Food  7      Ambience  7      Service  6      Value  8     

    I understand why many people will feel disappointed at this place but this is one of those places you just have to try just because it's Jamie Oliver! So it has the gimmicky feel but food and interior is like his rustic style. The pasta was a little al dente for my liking but the antipasto planks looked and tasted delicious! Definitely not the best Italian I've had but a fun place to go with a group of friends and thought the price tag was reasonable.

    Apr 06, 2014 

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    Displaying: 1 - 10 of 252 reviews

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