Elysium Canteen & Woodfired Pizza

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Elysium Canteen & Woodfired Pizza Details

Elysium Canteen & Woodfired Pizza Address

The Spot
49-55 St Pauls St

Randwick NSW 2031

Elysium Canteen & Woodfired Pizza Website

Elysium Canteen & Woodfired Pizza Contact Info

(02) 9398 3313


Micah and Leon

Prices $$

Average Meal Price $39 - based on one entree & main course only
Something for everyone in every price bracket. Pastas from $15, tapas from $9, pizzas from $17, seafood from $16.


Bookings are preferred

Rooms & Capacity

No of Seats 70


Mon to Sun 6pm - 9pm
Sun Noon - 2pm
Sun Noon - 2pm
Mon to Sun 6pm - 9pm
Open on Christmas Eve
Open on New Years Eve


Wine bottles only
Corkage Per Person $4.00 Wine Selection
Approximately 5 whites, 5 reds to choose from. Along with sparkling wine, beers and cocktails...all at very good prices.


Serves Lunch
Serves Dinner
Serves Takeaway


Unfortunately we do not deliver at this time. Takeaway pizzas, pastas and salads only. See our website for a full list and pricing.



Payment Types Accepted



Ample or Convenient Parking
Off Street Parking
Parking Station
Street Parking
Parking Suggestions
Large parking complex directly behind the restaurant with reasonable pricing.

Overview of Elysium Canteen & Woodfired Pizza

Casual dining restaurant serving excellent quality food. From traditionally made pizzas, cooked to order in our Woodfired oven, to fresh seafood fillets and pastas, scotch and sirloin fillets and even some yummy homemade tapas dishes. Great prices match the high quality food coming out of the kitchen and waitstaff are attentive and helpful. All ingredients for a great night out!

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    User Reviews of Elysium Canteen & Woodfired Pizza, Randwick

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    Displaying: 1 - 10 of 61 reviews

    5.5 Average

    Food  2      Ambience  9      Service  9      Value  2     

    I've eaten at Elysium a few times now and have always quite enjoyed it. I've even written a number of complimentary reviews on the restaraunt and recommended it to friends and family, but I have to admit I was a bit disappointed with our meal there last night.

    The $30 steak was nothing more than pub standard steak and chips (in fact my brother in law had paid just $7.95 for something very similar if not better earlier that day from the Pagewood pub). It was pretty disappointing, just a piece of steak and a mass of chips, no salad, no veg and no garnish. We went here especially for the steak as we'd had it before and it was amazing and it came with a delicious sauce and was always well presented - but not this time. It was a flavourless and boring dish.

    The fettuccine marinara consisted of pasta and fish, no other seafood like octopus, squid, or prawns like you would normally expect and it was way too salty so couldn't be finished.

    Having said all this, my brother in law, who ordered one of the wood fire pizzas said it was the best pizza he had ever tasted - so that's a plus. Perhaps the pizzas are the way to go here. The service was pretty good too, and I can't fault the ambience.

    All in all though, I think standards have slipped a little at Elysium. Perhaps they are trying to cut costs somewhere. It certainly wasn't worth $215. Truth be told I'm not sure now if I would actually return. Particularly as there are numerous other fantastic restaurants at the spot within metres from Elysium.

    Feb 23, 2014 

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    8 Recommended

    Food  8      Ambience  7      Service  9      Value  8     

    Delicious woodfired pizza's, one of the best in the eastern suburbs - definitely the best in the spot. Nice starters as well. BYO but they also have a good selection of beers and wines. Friendly staff, especially the girl that is on nearly every night and never stops smiling no matter how busy she is. Always leave Elysium feeling satisfied and go back every few weeks.

    Jun 16, 2013 

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    8.5 Highly Recommended

    Food  9      Ambience  8      Service  9      Value  8     

    Been going here for nearly 5 years and have yet to have bad food or service. Along with Pizza e birra, this place serves the best wooden fired pizzas in Sydney only bettered in Naples.

    Mar 21, 2013 

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    6 Average

    Food  7      Ambience  5      Service  6      Value  6     

    When we first arrived we waited quite some time to be acknowledged, eventually the chef popped his head out of the kitchen and told us to take a seat wherever we liked.

    Once we were seen to by a waiter my impression of the place started to change. We ordered 2 vegetarian mains (pumpkin pastry type dish and pasta). Both were enjoyable. The dessert (Bombalaska) was absolutely delicious. Overall a nice dining experience but wouldn't rush back.

    Nov 04, 2012 

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    8 Recommended

    Food  9      Ambience  7      Service  8      Value  8     

    We had perfectly cooked, good quality steaks and gorgeous pork belly, couldn't fault either dish. Also the fat fries served with the steak were amazing! It wasn't as cheap as some of the other restaurants at the Spot but the food was miles better, worth the extra money! We ate here about 6 months ago and didn't enjoy the food as much. But now wouldn't hesitate recommending it. Plus they have just added a kiddie's corner for children to play in, it's pretty basic at the moment but it did the job for our girls (4 and 2.5 years).

    Oct 08, 2012 

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    8 Recommended

    Food  8      Ambience  8      Service  10      Value  6     

    We went on a Monday night so was pretty quiet. The service was excellent, food very tasty. No complaints.

    Jun 26, 2012 

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    7.8 Recommended

    Food  9      Ambience  7      Service  7      Value  8     

    Been a few times here. As with all restaurants, it can vary on waiting times for food and quality of service from staff. I think this restaurant is excellent and I will accept that it's not always the same each time I go and I still recommend it to friends or colleagues or anyone dining in the spot.

    May 14, 2012 

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    7.3 Recommended

    Food  8      Ambience  7      Service  7      Value  7     

    We wanted something light, before the cinema, so ordered the antipasto platter. This was excellent, and excellent value. A few slices of just grilled chorizo, a generous amount of finely sliced cured meat, some cheese, small dishes of capsicum and olives, best of all, sufficient warm bread. We ordered two glasses of well priced red wine. The only disappointment was the lacklustre coffee.

    Mar 26, 2012 

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    2 Not Recommended

    Food  2      Ambience  2      Service  2      Value  2     

    I was so disappointed to have wasted a rare night out at Elysium. I was so looking forward to it as I enjoyed the food at the old venue and it looks great. We ordered shared dips with turkish bread the dips were tiny (the waitress said one portion was enough for 3 people) half of the bread was ok and half was completely dried up and flat.

    For main 4 of us ordered the scotch steak which was so thin. The roast potatoes were tasteless and boring. The service was slow and un-enthusiastic. The waitress was friendly, just didn't seem to know much about the menu. I think the meals were totally overpriced, for the quality. I definitely will not be back as I think the quality of eateries is really good in the spot and would go elsewhere.

    Feb 28, 2012 

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    8 Recommended

    Food  9      Ambience  8      Service  8      Value  7     

    We have just visited Elysium in their new spot, er, at The Spot. It's not as intimate as the old location, but the food was still really nice, service friendly (not always prompt but fine), good wine list and I would still recommend it for a nice night out. We'll be back.

    Jan 06, 2012 

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    Displaying: 1 - 10 of 61 reviews

    Pizzas Outside Some of the team... Busy in the kitchen Working the oven....
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