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Cafe Mint Details

Cafe Mint Address

579 Crown St
Surry Hills NSW 2010

Cafe Mint Website

Cafe Mint Contact Info

(02) 9319 0848


Middle Eastern


Yoni Kalfus & Hugh Foster

Prices $$$

Average Meal Price $28 - based on one main course only (entree could not be calculated)


Mains $12.50-$18.50
Desserts $3.50-$28.00

Mains $22.50-$32.50
Desserts $3.50-$28.00

Prices last updated:  11/2011

Rooms & Capacity

No of Seats 40


Mon to Sat 7am - 3pm
Sat 6pm - 11pm
Sun 9am - 3pm


Corkage Per Person $2.50




Street Parking

Overview of Cafe Mint

Cafe by day, restaurant by night cafe mint draws from the southern and eastern shores of the Mediterranean to bring you interesting and affordable food in a cosy and elegant environment. Weekend brunches are busy and a quick look at the exotic fare on the menu will tell you why.

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    User Reviews of Cafe Mint, Surry Hills

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    Displaying: 1 - 10 of 115 reviews

    8.3 Highly Recommended

    Food  9      Ambience  8      Service  8      Value  8     

    We had a fabulous breakfast here the other morning. Although the tables were quite small, the service was swift and friendly, and the food fantastic. My breakfast hummous with lamb mince and pinenuts was a perfect morning snack, and the scrambled eggs with mint and fetta were a nice variation on the norm. $40 for two very very full tummies was well worth it.

    Another yummy brunch here - I swear I could marry the lamb mince with hummus and caramelised red onions, with za'tar toast. It's to-die-for! We hadn't been here for quite some time so it was great to see that they've got the same quick and friendly service. Others might complain that the menu doesn't appear to change very regularly, but given my love affair with the afore mentioned lamb mince, that simply doesn't bother me at all.

    Jan 13, 2015 

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    9.5 Highly Recommended

    Food  10      Ambience  10      Service  10      Value  8     

    This is a great little place. We had some mezze dishes to start the shared a couple of mains and for four people it was plenty. The staff were fantastic. I hope I'm back again soon :)

    Mobile Review Aug 01, 2014 

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    10 Highly Recommended

    Food  10      Coffee  10      Ambience  10      Service  10      Value  10     

    What a great place. Couldn't fault the food, service or value. We had a Mezze plate to share along with a Haloumi salad for entres. Our friends had the lamb kefka and the lamb cheeks. I had the Kefka as well. Delicious. My wife had the baked beetrrot salad. Perfect. Then the desert! A tasting plate of middle east delights. And beautifully presented. Wine list was good and reasonably priced. And great service. A perfect night out.

    Jul 27, 2014 

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    8.6 Highly Recommended

    Food  9      Coffee  8      Ambience  9      Service  9      Value  8     

    Love the coffee here, always get one when I'm in the area, staff are always lovely and the food is always really fresh and just so yummy!

    Sep 23, 2013 

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    7.2 Recommended

    Food  7      Coffee  6      Ambience  8      Service  7      Value  8     

    Came here on for sunday brunch, its a small place best for couples and small groups, they have quite a few interesting breakfast options and a great place if you want to break away from your usual eggs benedict, or eggs and bacon sunday type breakky. We had the lamb and chicken biryani, not quite an authentic one though I don't think it claims to be as this place is a mix of modern mediterranean and middle eastern food. I had the spicy sausages and capsicum with couscous, which was filling and very tasty. My only gripe would be the 10% surcharge on sundays which I think they should get rid of. All in all a nice little cafe with some buzz.

    Apr 18, 2013 

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    9 Highly Recommended

    Food  9      Ambience  9      Service  9      Value  9     

    Great food, fresh and delicious always, super friendly staff and value for money. What more can you expect from a food joint. Absolutely recommended!

    Apr 23, 2012 

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    7.5 Recommended

    Food  9      Ambience  8      Service  7      Value  6     

    Been to this little cafe (more restaurant) twice now, about a year apart each visit but this is definitely a place I would recommend.

    The food is interesting, not your standard fare (I.e. saffron ice cream?) but always delicious. I really think this place is worth a visit!

    A bit pricey but I suppose the norm in Sydney, service can be a bit hit or miss but overall good.

    Mar 31, 2012 

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    5.3 Average

    Food  5      Ambience  6      Service  5      Value  5     

    Wasn't overly impressed to be honest with Cafe Mint. Rocked up here after a a short stroll along crown st. We wanted to try something different. Service was sloooooow, we kept having to ask for service. Had the lamb sausages and the lamb kebabs, to be honest, not a lot of flavour. It was something I could have cooked up at home with a tin of tomatoes and peas! however, it was nice to have loads of veggies.

    I would say it's overpriced given the portion sizes are really tiny. Also had a peach ice tea, I think it was just a lipton ice tea with a piece of peach, pretty unimaginative! they could do better here if they got the flavours in the food right and better service.

    Mar 21, 2012 

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    7.8 Recommended

    Food  9      Ambience  7      Service  8      Value  7     

    I have been hear for ages, the food is great and interesting, a little more restaurant than cafe. I like...

    Mar 15, 2012 

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    5 Average

    Food  4      Ambience  7      Service  6      Value  3     

    I've been coming to this place for over 8 years and have always thought it to be the benchmark of sophisticated food and incredible value. Tonight, that thought has been destroyed. New menu is small, average and over priced. I left after sharing 6 dishes with friends only to get a kebab on the way home. It's such a shame as the old menu was better than anything and I imagine their existing clientele are longing for the day it returns.

    I'm very rarely disappointed with any restaurant but tonight was an embarrassment As I'd really talked this place up. The dishes are designed to share but they're miniature and you feel guilty taking a spoonful as there's not much left after. So sad.

    Feb 04, 2012 

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    Displaying: 1 - 10 of 115 reviews

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