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Ground Level, 16 Falcon St
Crows Nest NSW 2065

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Prices $$

Average Meal Price $30 - based on one entree & main course only

Entrees $6.50-$12.00
Mains $15.00-$25.00
Desserts $8.00-$12.00

Prices last updated:  02/2012


Bookings are preferred

Rooms & Capacity

No of Seats 100


Fri to Sun from Noon
Tue to Sun from 5:30pm


  • Bonfire dishes
  • Ballotine of chicken
  • Grilled pork skewer
  • Duck salad




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Established in 2011

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Overview of Bay Tinh

Fresh and interesting Vietnamese food. Fantastic service. A warm and comfortable atmosphere.

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    User Reviews of Bay Tinh, Crows Nest

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    Displaying: 1 - 10 of 16 reviews

    6.5 Recommended

    Food  6      Ambience  6      Service  8      Value  6     

    We enjoyed the fresh prawn rolls, and tender beef cubes as entree, flavorsome. For mains, we had bonfire prawn and beef, which was ok.. a bit flat. Boneless stuffed chicken Bay Tinh's special is not bad but not great either. Good service however, nothing to complain there.

    May 15, 2014 

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    3 Below Average

    Food  4      Ambience  3      Service  4      Value  1     

    Very disappointing, don’t order the Banquet. Food quality was average as was the service. We ordered the Winter Banquet for a party of 5. As the dishes started to arrive we were very surprised with the tiny portions. Looking around the restaurant, the same size dishes were being served for couples. When we questioned the size of the dishes we were politely told our dish had 5 prawns and that’s the way it comes. We left all left hungry and very disappointed and felt the price was extremely expensive considering the above. We won’t be back.

    Sep 17, 2013 

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    7.8 Recommended

    Food  8      Ambience  7      Service  8      Value  8     


    Judging by their colourful website with pics showing a restaurant full of happy diners, I thought that I had better book ahead for a Tues evening dinner for three. But when we arrived, there were only two other occupied tables with two people at each. So I guess the forward booking was unnecessary. As we readying to leave at around 8.15pm, two other parties of four people each arrived.


    In this department we were not disappointed. Although the flavouring and spices were a tad on the rich side and tasted more Thai than Vietnamese to me, still I can only praise the chef for creating these deliciously fresh and tasty dishes. For starters we had the “little rice cakes”, six of these beauties to a serve and what an original and flavoursome concoction they were. Described as a traditional southern dish that’s rarely served in Australia, I have to say that I’ve never tasted anything like it. It had a smooth, creamy and velvety texture and was topped with a tangy prawn paste ($13.50 on the website but $14.50 in-house, time to update the online menu guys!).

    For mains we went for a crispy vegetarian pancake ($14.50), the beef curry ($20) and lemongrass chicken ($20). I loved the crispy outer coating of the pancake with the filling of tofu, broccoli, bean sprouts and snow peas and served with salad, pickles and soy sauce. The beef curry was also a satisfying dish with its slow-cooked tender beef pieces in a rich sauce. The lemongrass chicken didn’t quite taste like lemongrass to me but despite that we enjoyed it. The chicken pieces were finely cut up and the sauce, whatever it was, was a reasonable complement. Everything was tastefully served in stylish stoneware plates. For dessert we had sweet corn pudding ($8) and rum parfait ($10). The rum parfait had roasted walnuts and the flavouring was distinctly coffee and rum and what a pleasing combination that was. The sweet corn pud was refreshing if a little too watery for my taste.


    The place has been elegantly decked out in traditional Vietnamese style with a row of red lanterns, on one roof, seated Buddha’s and black and white photos of the old country. The muted colour tones of black, brown and a kind of dull red, almost like maroon, added a touch of class. Sadly, the lack of diners though, made the atmosphere a tad dreary to start with. And the chilly winter air didn’t help matters. At some point in the evening, the manager decided to put on some light music and that, combined with the arrival of more diners did brighten things up a bit, just as we were leaving. I imagine that in the warmer weather and with a few more people, Bay Tinh would positively hum.


    Our initial order taker, a petite lady in smart black jeans and black top was polite and efficient but seemed to be a bit of a personality-free zone. Not so the maitre d’, who was helpful, attentive and friendly. Quite a contrast between the two. But overall everything went off smoothly. Orders were promptly taken and dishes came out quickly and in the right order.


    We paid $75, after our 25% (max $25) Entertainment Book discount and that included all the aforementioned dishes plus a single Coopers Pale Ale and rice all round. Excellent value.


    Toilets are clean and well stocked but require you to walk down a narrow corridor past the kitchen and waste dump areas. And watch your step when you return. Lighting in the restaurant is adequate and the menu is clearly laid out and easy to read. With such a small crowd, acoustics presented no problem but some heating for the winter months wouldn’t go astray. The leather chairs were comfy and the table was large enough to fit all the dishes.

    Location and Parking

    You’ll find Bay Tinh on busy Falcon Street near the corner of Alexander Street. We parked at the council car park, just behind the Woolies supermarket, where the first two hours are free.


    We had a pleasant eve here and wouldn’t hesitate to go back. The food quality was of the highest standard and service was efficient and polite.


    Check out their impressive website before you go and take your Ent Book voucher with you, if you have one.

    Fancy lanterns Stylish interior Little rice cakes Crispy pancake Quiet Tues night Rice Lemongrass chicken
    Beef curry Sweetcorn pud Rum parfait Exterior Exterior

    Aug 01, 2013 

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    3 Below Average

    Food  2      Ambience  4      Service  4      Value  2     

    I attended this restaurant with a friend on a Wednesday evening at 7PM it was empty. My experience was that the staff were pushy and the food average. The fresh spring rolls had been made the day before and were clammy to the touch and the contents soggy. The duck with peas was served without peas and was a simple wock fried dish greasy and non typical of fine Vietnamese cooking where duck is a common specialty. At a cost of $80.00 for two mains one entre and one glass of house wine each-not at all good value! Harry started his first restaurant in marrickville and there produced better value for money! We won't come to this place again!

    Jul 25, 2013 

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    5 Average

    Food  4      Ambience  6      Service  5      Value  5     

    Not a great visit, I have to say I just didn't really enjoy the food here. The entrees were nice but didn't blow us away, and the mains sounded amazing on the menu but when they arrived we felt they were very ordinary. Service varied from being slow to being ok. Ambiance was nice enough, a bit noisy at one point when the restaurant was quite full. Prices were ok.

    Jul 13, 2013 

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    7 Recommended

    Food  6      Ambience  7      Service  8      Value  7     

    Quite nice food although we were not blown away... Service was a bit slow but it was friendly and we did have an enjoyable night.

    Apr 22, 2013 

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    6.3 Average

    Food  8      Ambience  7      Service  5      Value  5     

    Had take-away and the food was pretty good, better than average. Seemed to be a nice atmosphere in the restaurant and staff were friendly, waited a bit for the food though and was fairly expensive for what it is. Would probably go back again to eat in though as is a nice alternative to the million thai restaurants in the area.

    Mar 21, 2013 

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    6 Average

    Food  6      Ambience  9      Service  4      Value  5     

    Food is a hit and miss here. We were encouraged to order the possibly pre-made duck salad, which was bland and lacked flavour without any dressing. However, their smoked beef cubes were much better. We also tried the little rice cakes which were also equally good. As for their recommended ballatine of chicken, personally I would not order it again as I would describe its flavour as unusual.

    Service was poor. One staff member was particularly rude to our table and when it came time to pay the bill, they did not even return our change, probably taking it as a tip. If you decide to visit this restaurant, go for the back room as the atmosphere is first rate. If only they had the service and food to match.

    Mar 17, 2013 

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    4.3 Below Average

    Food  6      Ambience  5      Service  3      Value  3     

    I came here on a Friday night with my family as my sister's friends had recommended it. The food was quite nice, though both the kitchen and waiters were both obviously understaffed. Two hours later and we were still waiting for the remainder of the mains and ended up cancelling one of them as my brother in law had to leave to put the kids to bed. Might be a better dining experience when properly staffed. I also thought prices were a bit on the high side.

    Dec 26, 2012 

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    8.5 Highly Recommended

    Food  10      Ambience  9      Service  6      Value  9     

    My new favourite place to eat. Best Vietnamese I have ever had in Sydney. This place is a real gem. The calamari is excellent, as is deep fried ice cream, both are must haves. Dish of the night was definitely the tofu curry which was divine. Great servce, atmosphere. Food so flavoursome. Very surprised that the place was not packed on a Saturday night.

    Nov 21, 2012 

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    Displaying: 1 - 10 of 16 reviews

    Fancy lanterns Stylish interior Little rice cakes Crispy pancake Quiet Tues night Rice Lemongrass chicken Beef curry Sweetcorn pud Rum parfait Exterior Exterior
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