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Anthill reviewed Alegrias Spanish Tapas, Balmain

Restaurants, Spanish, Tapas, Family Dining, Good for Brunch

Overall 8.8  20

10 Highly Recommended

Food  10      Ambience  10      Service  10      Value  10     

I went for lunch with a friend yesterday and we had a great time. The food and service were second to none. This restaurant is an amazing place! A real hidden gem that you must try. Great food, service out of this world (even though we had a voucher, we weren't treated any less than a normal paying customer). I can't wait to go back again.

Mar 30, 2015 

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Foodie and wino reviewed Antos Pizzeria & Pasta, Willoughby North

Cafes, Italian, Serves Takeaway

Overall 7  14

1 Not Recommended

Food  1      Coffee  1      Ambience  1      Service  1      Value  1     

Have just had the most unpleasant experience at this establishment.

They mucked up our order, so I called to tell them. They refused to acknowledge they had made a mistake, but said they would make up the correct pizza. No problem, so I drove to pick it up for a second time, only to be told that I should have returned the wrong order and they would charge me for the correct order.

Absolutely shocking service and we will certainly not be back. There are a number of other Italian places in Willoughby that offer better food and service.

Mar 29, 2015 

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salmo69 reviewed Old Library, The, Cronulla

Restaurants, Italian, Serves Dinner, Serves Late Dining, Serves Lunch

Overall 5.7  54

10 Highly Recommended

Food  10      Ambience  10      Service  10      Value  10     

We held a private function at The Old Library on 28/3 and it was an exceptional experience on all fronts. Mario's staff were exceptional and the food was outstanding. Thanks for a job well done and the staff and location helped make it a night to remember.


Mar 29, 2015 

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meee reviewed A Tavola Bondi, Bondi

Restaurants, Italian, BYO, Licensed, Serves Dinner

Overall 7.5  4

7.5 Recommended

Food  8      Ambience  7      Service  8      Value  7     

We have been here many times and have always enjoyed it. The burrata entrée is always fantastic and the daily pasta specials are innovative and delicious. I don’t think we have ever tried anything we didn’t like. The focaccia and chilli oil they bring when you sit down are so good and there is a good selection of wines by the glass. I have always found the staff friendly and accommodating.

Mar 29, 2015 

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Alaena reviewed Marrickville Ritz, The, Marrickville

Bars, Family Dining, Good For Groups, Child Friendly, Entertainment / Music

Overall 6.6  5

6.3 Average

Drinks  7      Ambience  7      Service  6      Value  5     

Great atmosphere, very kid friendly, I didn't really like the foo though, and the drinks were quite expensive.

Mar 29, 2015 

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Alaena reviewed Mezbah, Haymarket


Overall 5.5  2

5.5 Average

Food  5      Ambience  6      Service  6      Value  5     

I tried the burek, wasn't like the traditional burek I'm used to, can't say I liked it much, the wine wasn't much chop either, would like to go back and try the camel burger, convenient location, nice atmosphere.

Mar 29, 2015 

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napolialert reviewed Billy Kwong, Potts Point

Restaurants, Chinese, Family Dining, Good For Groups, Child Friendly

Overall 8  1

8 Recommended

Food  8      Ambience  8      Service  8      Value  8     

Kylie and team continue to produce great modern Chinese.

blogRead the full review on my blog

Mar 29, 2015 

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George S. reviewed Espresso 96, Concord

Cafes, Burger, Comfort Food, Salads, Family Dining

Overall 8  2

9.2 Highly Recommended

Food  10      Coffee  9      Ambience  9      Service  8      Value  10     

The guy on the coffee machine is a gun, great coffee and it comes out super fast! Food is amazing too. Great little spot in Concord and full of character! Ambiance is nice. Also rubber duckies in the bathroom are a homely touch.

Eggs Atlantic Big Breakfast

Mobile Review Mar 29, 2015 

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Roger T. reviewed Tiger Mottle, Paddington

Cafes, Modern Australian, Hip and Trendy, BYO, Log Fire

Overall 6.5  33

1.4 Not Recommended

Food  1      Coffee  1      Ambience  3      Service  1      Value  1     

Atrocious service and average food - avoid!

It's very sad when a great place changes ownership and staff and almost over night is a complete disaster. We went for breakfast this morning and waited (along with all other patrons) at least 25 minutes for our coffee and well over 1 hour for our food.

The staff were a mixture of useless and apathetic, much like the manager who didn't seem concerned when provided feedback. When the food came it was ordinary and very disappointing.

Plenty of other options in Paddington. Avoid at all costs!

Mobile Review Mar 29, 2015 

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Garth238 reviewed Arisaig Tea Rooms The, Surry Hills

Restaurants, Cafes, Pubs, English, Irish

Overall 8.2  17

4 Below Average

Food  3      Ambience  5      Service  3      Value  5     

It is time to write a review after having dined here for breakfast on at least 4 occasions. I had hoped they would get better but no. I was the only person there this morning and while the waitress was on her phone had to go inside and tell the owner that I was there. As usual I ordered the full Scottish breakfast without mushrooms. I asked that the poached eggs be cooked a bit longer as the last time they were far to runny. The waitress said she would ask but could not guarantee they would not be runny.

After being there for 30 minutes she came out to ask if I needed anything and I had to ask if there was an ETA on when my breakfast would arrive. It arrived 5 minutes later. The first thing that I noticed was that the potato cake looked totally in edible. Turned out I was correct. The bacon was under cooked and seemed to have been done in the microwave or just place on a grill for maybe 30 seconds. So, why not send it back to be cooked again. Simple, I had already waited for 30 minutes for it to arrive in the first place and I was done. If the person cooking today is a chef then they need to go back to school to learn how to cook so everything on the plate is edible.

I do not know what it is like of an evening but on weekends I would certainly avoid unless to want to be kept waiting for over 30 minutes for your meal when you are the only person in the restaurant.

Mar 29, 2015 

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Restaurants, Bars, Pizza, Tapas, Good For Groups

Overall 7.6  16

7.6 Recommended

Food  7      Drinks  7      Ambience  9      Service  7      Value  8     

Great atmosphere and service was good, even on a very busy Saturday night. It is noisy and busy, but intimate and homely at the same time, like a cottage as the name suggest. Dishes are made for sharing and nearly everything on the menu sounded very enticing, that we wanted to order so many things. The waiter recommended about 3 dishes between 2 people so we narrowed our selection down to the olives, arancini, prawn cakes, venison ribs and a chocolate brownie for dessert. Food overall was pretty good, but my least favourite was the arancini, as it tasted a bit too bland for my liking. Brownie was nice but very rich and dense. Drinks list was very extensive too, good if you like a variety to choose from. I had a nice meal plus some wine and would definitely return to try the other dishes that i missed out on such as the scotch eggs, pulled lamb, scallops, pizzas etc. too many to name! Great place for drinks and sharing some food.

Mar 29, 2015 

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ChocChip ChocChip

John Dory reviewed Emperor's Choice, Sydney CBD

Restaurants, Chinese, Restaurant Bookings

Overall 8.1  15

8.3 Highly Recommended

Food  9      Ambience  8      Service  8      Value  8     

We returned on a Monday night for a 9 course dinner using a discount voucher. Although it was a Monday night and a very early booking, there were quite a substantial number of tables occupied during our stay. Service was very friendly and the staff member explained the selection of entrée and main dishes and was able to accommodate our individual needs as required, including our desire to have dishes arrive slowly, one or two at a time. All serves were of a high standard and very tasty, especially the Chilli beef fillet, Crispy skin chicken and Boneless duck meat. We finished with a small serve of ice cream and topping. The amount of food was a good balance for an evening meal and we thought that our return visit was even better than the first time. We enjoyed our dining experience and would highly recommend.

Jun 01, 2014
We arrived for a 12:30pm lunch booking to find a restaurant devoid of patrons, however within thirty or forty minutes the venue was more than half full, so for a quiet Wednesday, it proved to be very popular. Service was prompt and attentive when required and food and drinks were served without delay. We dined using an Our Deal voucher for a six course Chinese feast for two. Although some of the dishes were small, the food was very tasty and there was plenty of food for two people, which made for very good value utilising a discount voucher. With a basement setting and only a door frontage at street level, it would be easy to overlook this restaurant location. Ambience is pleasant having a well presented decor with traditional Chinese furniture and works of art to complete the theme. There were also some servings on adjacent tables that looked very inviting and we would consider returning to explore other menu items.

Mar 29, 2015 

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John Dory reviewed Plate Restaurant, Darling Harbour

Restaurants, Modern Australian, BYO, Licensed, Serves Breakfast

Overall 7.2  34

8.3 Highly Recommended

Food  8      Ambience  9      Service  8      Value  8     

On our return visit, we decided to try the Barramundi fillet and the Stuffed chicken breast, both of which were well presented, perfectly cooked, very moist and most enjoyable. Service once again was very friendly, catering to our needs on the day, making our stay, a very relaxing and pleasurable lunchtime occasion. The high standard of the meals was just as good as our previous visit, providing a level of consistency, that one hopes to expect in the highly competitive hospitality industry.

Nov 11, 2014
We dined for lunch at Plate Restaurant on Darling Harbour mid-week on a beautiful day in a most pleasant environment using an Our Deal voucher. For starters we chose the Bruschetta and Garlic prawns and a Mediterranean salad which were most appetising. We ordered the Fisherman’s basket and Kangaroo fillet for mains. There was a good variety of seafood and the Kangaroo fillet was a generous serve and perfectly cooked. Both meals were very tasty and presented well. Service was prompt and friendly on a quiet day. Drinks were reasonably priced and value was good, with or without a discount voucher. This proved to be a most enjoyable and relaxing dining experience without any adverse moments and we would consider returning another time. Recommended.

Kangaroo Fillet Fisherman’s Basket

Mar 29, 2015 

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HERcurioMAJESTY reviewed Cow & The Moon, Enmore

Ice Cream, Gelato and Yogurt, Family Dining, Good For Groups, Child Friendly, Outdoor Dining

Overall 7.5  20

7.3 Recommended

Food  10      Ambience  6      Service  6      Value  7     

*The food rating is on the champion gelato flavour only. The other two flavours that we tasted were average.

As of September 2014, Sydney is officially home to the World’s Best Gelato. Yep, it’s legit, as declared by the judges at the grand finale of the Gelato World Tour, one of the biggest gelato events held in Italy.The news that a family-owned local gelato and coffee bar in Enmore had won the world championship title, rocked the Sydney foodie community and sent the social media buzzing with mixed emotions of surprise and disbelief: Cow and the Moon beat Messina. (Wait, what? Who?)

blogRead the full review on my blog

Mar 29, 2015 

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terrym reviewed Tilbury Hotel, Woolloomooloo

Restaurants, Modern Australian, Vegetarian, Has Bar, Licensed

Overall 6.6  60

1.7 Not Recommended

Ambience  2      Service  2      Value  1     

$9 for schooner of Coopers - seriously guys! Your a pub in Woolloomooloo for crying out loud! Its no wonder it was empty on a Saturday night. Hadn't been to the Tilbury in a while so was looking forward to a visit. It still look good but was dead and this once vibrant venue is very much a shadow of its former self. Can't comment on the food but the restaurant down stairs was empty.

Mar 29, 2015 

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Raffyc reviewed Yenikoy Cafe & Restaurant, Newtown


Overall 6.3  6

5.6 Average

Food  7      Coffee  5      Ambience  7      Service  2      Value  7     

I'm a King St south end local and have eaten at Yenikoy several times - breakfast, dinner, lunch. Very thankful that a restaurant has successfully occupied this block with some interesting food that is quite different from the other Turkish in Newtown. So here's the lowdown..

The good: $25 per head breakfast banquet is awesome; sometimes they overcooked the eggs a little, but still yummy and a really unique take on the big breaky... Try it! The other "must try" are the sweets - probably the best Turkish sweets in Sydney... Amazing!

The o.k.: most of the lunch and dinner menu is ok. I wouldn't say there is any particular standout but it's all very edible. The ambience is nice too - love what they have cleverly done with the place... It has a relaxed look and feel and perfect for catching up with friends and family.

The not-so-great: the Turkish coffee (which I have had 3 times but never since) is so unbelievably muddy that you can't get even one sip without a mouthful of grounds. Their standard coffee is variable - our last experience was pretty good. The service is terrible and equally variable - staff are confused, offer different specials (e.g. Ability to substitute tea with coffee on the breakfast deal), and you may find yourself having to remind them to bring out dishes or components that are missing - be sure you check the menu/order and make sure you are getting what you expect. They really should write your order down, but for some crazy reason they don't. Also on the service front, don't be afraid to call them over or fetch them as you can be quite easily forgotten. Lastly, as one other reviewer noted, their bread & dips combo needs a serious review - tastes good but is incredibly stingy. This is not good value and doesn't endear customers... Not a good idea - Come on guys what's the problem here? If you are afraid your customers will fill up on bread and not eat the dishes, well, sorry but your logic is flawed.

As long as quality doesn't decline I'll keep coming back, esp for their breakfasts and sweets!

Mobile Review Mar 29, 2015 

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Dean198787 reviewed Doytao Thai, Newtown

Restaurants, Thai, BYO, Food Delivery, Serves Dinner

Overall 7.3  154

9 Highly Recommended

Food  9      Ambience  8      Service  10      Value  9     

Good service, good food with big servings and with a reasonable price. We will be back again.

Mobile Review Mar 29, 2015 

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celede reviewed 2 Birds Espresso Bar, Lilyfield

Cafes, Family Dining, Hip and Trendy, Air Conditioning, Child Friendly

Overall 8.8  2

9.3 Highly Recommended

Coffee  9      Ambience  8      Service  10      Value  10     

Had coffee here yesterday with a friend. Coffee was great, the guy and girl behind the counter were really nice and fun to talk to and the girl gave us a little homemade treat. Lovely place, nice coffee, exceptional staff. We will be back, well done.

Mar 29, 2015 

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celede reviewed Mediterranean Gourmet Pizza, Marsfield

Restaurants, Italian, Pizza

Overall 5.9  55

5.3 Average

Food  7      Ambience  7      Service  2      Value  5     

I felt moved to review this place after encountering their terrible customer service manners and attitude. Went with friends, despite one of our party not being ready to order the waiter ignored her requests to wait and stood next to her and hassled her until she had chosen something. At the end of the meal the same person was still eating while he rudely cleared up everyone elses plates. The food was quite OK but really, that waiter was a rude bully. I won't be going again

Mar 29, 2015 

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Raffyc reviewed Sepia Restaurant, Sydney CBD

Restaurants, Modern Australian, Good For Groups, Citibank Dining Program, Degustation Menu

Overall 8.2  119

8.3 Highly Recommended

Food  8      Ambience  8      Service  9      Value  8     

Went there for wedding anniversary 2 years ago. Degustation at lunchtime. Food was delish and would have rated even higher except that there was a Moreton bay big on the raw side (which is fine as both of us eat sashimi)... Later that day we both suffered chronic diarrhoea, having not eaten anything before or since. We put it down to ze bugg. We both would still return however.

Mobile Review Mar 29, 2015 

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