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4 The Esp
Balmoral Beach NSW 2088

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Serge Dansereau & Phillip Sajowitz

Prices $$

Average Meal Price $43 - based on one entree & main course only


Bookings are not allowed

Rooms & Capacity

No of Seats 80


Daily 7am-noon
Daily noon-late
Daily 5.30-10pm


  • Seared scallops with oxtail ravioli, ginger soya sauce




Wheelchair Access

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Dietary Standards
Gluten Free

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Water View

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Parking Station

Overview of The Bathers' Pavilion Cafe

Sit down on the comfy couches, sit side by side at one of the oval tables at the wide, wide windows, crowd cosily with friends into one of the booths and gaze out through the heads. A ferry floats past, the seagull convention perch atop the shark net and waves lap gently. The Cafe's great food and drink choices for all occasions from breakfast to cocktails are equally enjoyable as its surroundings.

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    User Reviews of The Bathers' Pavilion Cafe, Balmoral Beach

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    Displaying: 1 - 10 of 101 reviews

    5.4 Average

    Food  3      Coffee  8      Ambience  8      Service  6      Value  2     

    Had a small piece of salmon on a large plate and a tasteless overstuffed bowl of lettuce for $30. When I asked for the risotto instead because the "salad" was bland, the chef dumped a ton of salt into it so the risotto was inedible as well. I wouldn't have felt it was good value anyway, you pay a lot for a nice view and mediocre food. Bad attitude free of charge from the chef.

    Jul 24, 2014 

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    6.5 Recommended

    Food  8      Ambience  8      Service  5      Value  5     

    Had breakfast here today with my wife and parents (party of 4). On arrival requested a table with some sun. As the cafe section was almost full we were offered a table in the restaurant section, which the waiter explained would be just the same as if you ate in the cafe. The waiter managed to find a good table so we were happy. We were seated at about 10am. We some time reviewing the menu and waiter returned 5 or so minutes later to see if we had decided. He was quick to remind us that that we would need to be finished by out by 11:30am as they needed to set the dining room up for lunch. this was a surprise because I had phoned the night before to ask when breakfast finished and was told 12pm.

    As a result we now felt rushed. All meals arrived promptly were of good standard. Our only complaint would have been that the manchego soufflé with mushrooms was quite a small serving. It did not include anything else (not even toast) which at $22 was not good value for money. Having finished breakfast the waiter asked us if we would like coffee and tea, but because there seemed to be a need to get us finished by 11am we decided to go elsewhere. We left at 11:05am. The experience although very good was marred by this imperative to have us finish as quickly as possible. Not something we expected from an otherwise relaxing and pleasant venue.

    May 26, 2013 

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    5.3 Average

    Food  4      Ambience  7      Service  8      Value  2     

    Fairly unrewarding experience, nice waiters and ambiance, but food disappointing and overpriced. One of our three meals, the pizza was excellent. The Heirloom tomatoes and cheese were very ordinary some of the toms were not ripe and the price, unbelievable. The scallops were cooked perfectly, the sauce, absent and sadly, overpriced.

    Mar 01, 2013 

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    1.5 Not Recommended

    Food  2      Ambience  2      Service  1      Value  1     

    Because you are unable make bookings at the cafe, when my family of five arrived at 7 we were told it would be a 20 minute wait, so after waiting an hour and twenty minutes we were all quite hungry, the hostess was incredibly rude and four other large groups of people with small children arrived after us and got seated before us.

    After finally being seated, the menu on the website did not match that of the restaurant and there was no vegetarian meals, I am an easy vegetarian will will eat anything without meat. The restaurant side had a vegetarian menu, but they said they couldn't make me an alternative without meat.

    So I said I'd have the salad, then the waiter told me it had anchovies in the dressing, so the only thing on the menu I could have was a pizza, with was overcooked and only had two slices of capsicum and barely any cheese. It was about 9 o'clock by the time we got our meals and all the kids around us we screaming, running around, and banging into our chairs, which was not pleasant.

    The tables were small and awkward, the oval shape was completely useless and could not be joined together without things getting knocked off in the gaps. They came and gave us a desert menu but after half an hour of waiting to be served, we had to wave the hostess over and ask for the cheque. This is place is definitely not worth the time, money or reputation.

    If you are vegetarian, then don't bother, the fish dishes my family ordered were received ok, but that is probably because they were so hungry from the long wait.

    Feb 07, 2013 

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    7.3 Recommended

    Food  8      Ambience  7      Service  8      Value  6     

    Try to get a table in the back room, rather than the main one. The ambience there is warmer. Food is on the pricey side, but exceptionally good, and you pay for the location also. The tomato salad was the standout dish for me.

    Jan 19, 2013 

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    4 Below Average

    Food  4      Ambience  6      Service  5      Value  1     

    Not impressed with the black sticky rice which was more gloopy than sticky and lacking in flavour.

    However, the Most disappointing moment of the experience was watching the server behind the bar pour supermarket orange juice into the blender to froth it up for the "freshly squeezed" look... and charge $6.50 for it.

    Jan 15, 2013 

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    1.8 Not Recommended

    Food  4      Ambience  1      Service  1      Value  1     

    Been twice. First time food was ok but 2 days later a friends credit card, used at the cafe, was hit by fraud. Second time we arrived at 11am for a lunch sitting. Although we then waited 45 minutes we were told by the host it was our fault for coming at 11am, and not 10.30am. We were finally seated at 11.55am (in a dark end room with no view), then told we couldn't order lunch until at least 12.20 when the last breakfasts had been cleared. That's fine we said but can we get some bread to tide us over?

    Their response: "I'll have to check if any bread has arrived from the bakery yet". The final straw came at 12.45 (still no order taken or bread offered), when the host placed a family with 4 screaming children next to us in the small echoey back room...We left! Never to return.

    Nov 18, 2012 

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    7 Recommended

    Food  7      Ambience  6      Service  9      Value  6     

    *restaurant reviews, from a Wine Bloggers perspective*

    As we sat down with a pleasant greeting from Sean the maitre d' it is obvious that there is dedication to greatness by all the staff. I’m not here to waste time, however, so I politely meander my way to the wine list and start to peruse. With recent conversations with twitter friends @Peters_Anthony and @gsmarketcafe regarding the love of Pinot Noir from New Zealand I found myself moving away from Australian and French wines and glancing at a nice selection from Otago.

    After a brief discussion with the sommelier (highly recommended – no matter how much you know your wine) I settled on a bottle of 2008 Pinot Noir by Rippon -a mature vine biodynamic variant of Pinot Noir.

    I personally worked my way through the appetiser: “Seared Spanish mackerel with asparagus spiced crab cream, shaved salted egg yolk, watercress” and the main: “Roast beef fillet with braised short rib and chestnut grilled tongue, kale and port sauce” the wine just kept opening up! Incredibly it was the chestnut grilled tongue (offering hints of truffle on the palate) that really did it for me.

    I looked across at my new mate and said – “get some of the tongue, savour it, then a mouthful of the wine, savour it, and tell me what you think?” On completion of the task he looked back at me and in a very man-to-man sort of way, we grinned and connected! He got what I got and was equally moved.

    2008 Rippon Pinot Noir at Bethers Pavilion

    blogRead more on my blog

    Oct 16, 2012 

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    0 of 1 reader found the following review helpful

    5.8 Average

    Food  7      Ambience  8      Service  4      Value  4     

    Had breakfast there today. Best omelette in my life. Service okay. Except hot chocolate for my daughter arrived with the bill. They didn't apologize. Are they coasting on the amazing view? $40 including tip for one and a half people.

    Aug 25, 2012 

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    3.3 Below Average

    Food  4      Ambience  6      Service  2      Value  1     

    Went there yesterday for lunch. Had the fish and chips and the chips were soggy and the fish overcooked and rubbery. The only saving grace for my terrible experience was the nice location. Other than that, definitely do Not recommend.

    May 08, 2012 

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    Displaying: 1 - 10 of 101 reviews

    Bathers' Pavilion Cafe, The 2008 Rippon Pinot Noir at Bethers Pavilion
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