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Noosa Wharf
2 Quamby Pl

Noosa Heads QLD 4567

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(07) 5447 2455


Marc Whoner

Prices $$$

Average Meal Price $58 - based on one entree & main course only


Mon to Sun Noon - Midnight




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Child Friendly
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Ricky's River Bar + Restaurant Awards


Courier-Mail Food & Wine Guide 2011 - One Star

Overview of Ricky's River Bar + Restaurant

An irresistible mix of mesmerising waterfront views, superb food and wine, and unparalleled service makes Rickys River Bar + Restaurant the ultimate dining destination in Noosa. The menu includes a superior tapas selection exhibiting the finest local and seasonal produce with a contemporary Mediterranean flavour.

The ambience is elegant yet relaxed. The picturesque location is ideal for long leisurely lunches, romantic dinners and idyllic weddings. Have some tapas and cocktails at sunset in Noosa's stylish bar.

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    User Reviews of Ricky's River Bar + Restaurant, Noosa Heads

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    Displaying: 1 - 10 of 18 reviews

    8.5 Highly Recommended

    Food  8      Ambience  10      Service  8      Value  8     

    Exquisite, modern, clever food made with high quality ingredients. Ricky's never fails to impress me. It is expensive but with a magic riverfront location, great service and of course the delicious food, I find the price is warranted. If you visit Ricky's, don't leave without trying something from the dessert menu, yum!

    Mobile Review Nov 22, 2014 

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    2.3 Not Recommended

    Food  3      Ambience  3      Service  1      Value  2     

    Compared to some of the other premium restaurants in the area, the only words that can accurately describe Rickys is condescending and complacent. The food was fine, (if not unremarkable) but the table/ customer service was really very disappointing compared to the other premium priced restaurants in the area that we have experienced.

    The restaurant is beautifully positioned on the river. We'd booked 2 months beforehand and we were looking forward to sitting watching the last rays over the river as we'd booked early-ish. From our table placement, (as a couple, we were placed between 2 large tables and in the main service corridor). The speed of service, (lightening speed at first... literally first course arrived after ordering with no wine presented to the table - the local surf club would be proud!), the lack of food presentation and description, (compared to local restaurants like Sails this was a Joke!).

    The list goes on but the worst was the attitude of the restaurant leadership. (although it has to be said that one senior member of staff tried to mitigate our table placement issue and moved our table). We have coped with a lot of issues in restaurants over the years (as we all have) and haven't felt the need to write a review but what is clear is this restaurant is trading on it positions and past and is very, very complacent.

    Nov 13, 2014 

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    2.3 Not Recommended

    Food  1      Ambience  3      Service  3      Value  2     

    Definitely a place that makes customers 'gag' - literally. What a terrible experience my husband and I had at this restaurant. We went to celebrate some good news and came away with norovirus type 1 and 2 and were desperately unwell. It's been 5 weeks and I'm only just coming good now but have had weeks of doctors and gastroenterology reviews all because staff didn't wash their hands after going to the toilet. To make matters worse, the manager is trying to 'gag' us so we cannot inform the public what happened - although we are getting the legal team on to this. A truly shocking experience. Public health were of course notified and investigated but Reece (manager) confirmed in a conversation to me that he knows the environmental health officers 'really well' as if they're friends, we are therefore questioning whether a conflict of interest has occurred with Noosa council staff? Not cool guys! Not cool.

    Nov 01, 2014 

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    10 Highly Recommended

    Food  10      Ambience  10      Service  10      Value  10     

    The best Lunch ever, a great place to finish our holiday at Noosa. Excellent food,
    beautiful view and amazing service by a very professional Dan, and the best desert ever by a chef called Brigette. Highly recommended.

    Apr 28, 2013 

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    6.3 Average

    Food  5      Ambience  7      Service  7      Value  6     

    We had high hopes for this place but there were more fails than expected.

    The tapas nibbles are great, and the scallop tarlet was without a doubt the best scallop I have ever had. But when it came to entres, the overcooked and dry quail was a let down while the duck and chorizo was a hit. For mains, the whole baby rainbow trout was lovely but the crab spaghetini was dry and tasteless.

    At these prices I cant accept a 50% success rate. I do hope they read this and at least try to improve. Because it fell far below what I would expect for a hatted restaurant.

    Mar 30, 2013 

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    8.8 Highly Recommended

    Food  9      Ambience  9      Service  9      Value  8     

    This review relates to our second meal at Ricky's. This time it was an evening booking. We couldn't get a reservation till 830pm, so decided to turn up early and have a few drinks at the bar. The restaurant was very busy and very lively, due to the lingering members of the 54 golfers that had just enjoyed a long lunch. A Very long lunch. It was obvious that the 20 or so men and women were heavily intoxicated, but all was fine, they were good natured, but rowdy.

    Now I'm not sure what the rules are in this country about the responsible service of alcohol, but I was stunned when I went to the bar and witnessed one of the party asking for two shots of tequila and receiving them! I think the very last thing that that gentleman and his mate needed at that time of night was a shot of tequila.

    As the minutes passed, the group got more and more out of control, at one stage one of the guys got on a bar stool and started yelling. Still this was not enough for the party to be asked to quietly move on. Just a few minutes later one of the golfers spat out his drink on the floor. Finally, this was the last straw and the group were bundled out.

    I totally understand that restaurants need to make money and they need to look after their customers. This group had obviously spent a Lot of money at Rickys and you want to look after them. But this was 730pm, they had been drinking steadily since 1230. If this was our first time at Rickys we might have been put off from returning as it was really incredibly loud and boisterous. There must come a time when the guys and girls behind the bar say, I just can't serve you any more alcohol.

    Soft drinks fine but no more booze guys. Can't you lose your license if you serve intoxicated customers? Anyway, back to our night. More bad news I'm afraid. We ordered from the cocktail menu, which wasn't very inspiring unfortunately. The peach margarita and egg white martini sounded interesting, but alas, they were the Worst cocktails we had ever had in our lives. Anywhere in the world. Yuch. Virtually undrinkable.

    We guessed this might be the fault of the recipe and not the bartenders so decided to go classic and ordered a margarita straight up and a Cosmopolitan. Much better. Onto dinner. Lovely table. The staff are really excellent at making you feel welcome. Worked our way through the tapas, really this is the best part about Ricky's food. (the worst part is the chairs - they look good, but you can't lean back on them. Very uncomfy).

    Really enjoyed my Moloolaba prawns, excellent presentation and super tasty. Hubbie’s crab pasta was a bit insipid I'm afraid. I hate to accuse an Australian dish of being underseasoned as in the majority of cases, Australian chefs seem to be particularly heavy handed with the salt, but this dish just had no flavour. And we've eaten plenty of crab pasta dishes around the world. This was just too subtle.

    The beef with blue cheese was delicious and I ordered an entree for my main of octopus and harissa. This wasn't such a success from my point of view, I shouldn't have ordered it. Others would probably have enjoyed it, it just wasn't to my taste. We love everything about Rickys and would go back in a heartbeat.

    Jan 13, 2012 

    Was this review helpful?   |

    9 Highly Recommended

    Food  9      Ambience  9      Service  9      Value  9     

    Went to Rickys this week for the first time. It was a Wednesday so not overly busy. The service was great, as was the food and location and restaurant itself. We sat next to a window so on a hot day were able to have the breeze coming through which was nice.

    Food was great and decent size meals. Had octopus but baby octopus would have been nicer, perhaps, my only downfall (minimal - it was still nice). We had three courses each plus drinks and spent $180 which I was expecting for a pretty Impressive restaurant like this. Will definitely be back

    Nov 19, 2011 

    Was this review helpful?   |

    7.5 Recommended

    Food  8      Ambience  8      Service  8      Value  6     

    Had lunch here last Saturday. Caught the ferry from Noosa Sheraton, a short five minute trip, but it felt like a red carpet arrival pulling up at their private jetty. Ambience was spectacular, crisp white tables and good crystal with an incredible view over the river... beautiful. Service was friendly, knowledgeable and attentive. Food was top notch. Oysters were nice flinty sydney rocks. Barramundi special, with chips and greek salad, beautifully cooked. Cheesecake for desert, rich and creamy and not too sugary . Overall a great experience, but not cheap. I tend to like places that do simple things well. It's the attention to detail that makes a piece of pan fried fish a joy to eat.

    Jan 26, 2011 

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    9.8 Highly Recommended

    Food  10      Ambience  10      Service  10      Value  9     

    I recently went to Noosa for 10 nights and Rickys was by far the best restaurant we went too. We ordered two prawn dishes, the veal osso bucco (a special) which were all fantastic!!! We also had the quail which was also nice, but the osso bucco was certainly the stand out dish. Great location. A good idea catch the ferry from central Noosa.

    Nov 10, 2010 

    Was this review helpful?   |

    8.8 Highly Recommended

    Food  9      Ambience  8      Service  9      Value  9     

    Wandered in without a booking on a Friday night, no problem. Very tasty food, good service, and nice setting. A find! Pleasantly surprised after being sadly disappointed by its predecessor.

    Sep 06, 2009 

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    Displaying: 1 - 10 of 18 reviews

    Ricky's River Bar + Restaurant Ricky's River Bar + Restaurant
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