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Wagamama - Flinders Lane Address

83 Flinders Lane
Melbourne CBD VIC 3000

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Wagamama - Flinders Lane Contact Info

(03) 9671 4303

Wagamama on (03) 9671 4303

Prices $$

Average Meal Price $25 - based on one entree & main course only

Rooms & Capacity

No of Seats 78


Mon to Thu Noon - 10pm
Fri to Sat Noon - 11pm
Sun Noon - 9pm




Wheelchair Access

Dietary Standards
Cater to Special Diets
Gluten Free

Dining Atmospheres
Family Dining
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Child Friendly
Child Friendly Menus
Has Bar

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    User Reviews of Wagamama - Flinders Lane, Melbourne CBD

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    Displaying: 1 - 10 of 14 reviews

    2.3 Not Recommended

    Food  2      Ambience  4      Service  2      Value  1     

    Only thing nice is the fit-out! Cool decor but that's about it. Oh and the glass of wine I had to wash down the mediocre food. One of the only times we did not leave a tip at a restaurant. Hoping it was like the London version but not close. Needed a magnifying glass to find the chicken in my rice dish. Should have renamed it rice with sauce. Peking duck pancake starter woulldn't have been enough to feed a two year old!

    Think someone needs to pay attention to many of these reviews on this site and others because you won't be getting repeat customers or recommendations from us. Such a great concept but such poor execution. Who are they kidding?!

    Apr 22, 2011 

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    2.5 Not Recommended

    Food  1      Ambience  4      Service  4      Value  1     

    The waiters are pushy with suggestions and don't know much about the food they are serving. The quality of the food is atrocious and the chefs are Korean! Food is expensive and tastes like garbage. While we were waiting for our order a waiter came up and asked if we wanted anything when we were still clearly waiting for the gyoza we ordered. The manager told us the the gyoza was not being made because the waiter forgot! I would not recommend this restaurant.

    Jul 11, 2010 

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    9.5 Highly Recommended

    Food  10      Ambience  10      Service  10      Value  8     

    Had great meal for a first time visit at a Wagamama. Staff were extremely friendly and efficient. Food delicious! Will definitely be back!

    Oct 14, 2009 

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    7 Recommended

    Food  7      Ambience  5      Service  9      Value  7     

    The food is certainly not amazing but it is hearty and always of a decent standard if a little over priced. I would recommend the Soya Beans followed by the Katsu curry.

    Aug 12, 2009 

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    4 Below Average

    Food  3      Ambience  7      Service  5      Value  1     

    The food was horrible, tasted like instant noodles from a packet. Will never go back! Don't wish to pay a fortune on junk food, can cook better myself even...

    Jan 12, 2009 

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    3.5 Below Average

    Food  2      Ambience  5      Service  5      Value  2     

    I am not sure why this place is so seemingly popular. The food is really awful and thus not good value. My friend and I walked out with the same thought, "Fusion Asian food, never again." We have learned our lesson, if we want real asian food, all we need to do is take a short walk to swanston street or China town where authentic asian food can be found at half the price.

    The only saving grace was the freshly squeezed juice which was nice and helped to drown out the taste of my overly salty dry fried rice.

    Jan 09, 2009 

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    5.5 Average

    Food  6      Ambience  6      Service  6      Value  4     

    I quickly read over the reviews about this place, so I did not exactly have high expectations as we arrived. We got the welcome greeting, so that's a check right there. Their service was prompt, however they could do better with their communications as three waiters asked what we would like to order and our response was the same each time: "we're waiting for one more guest."

    My expectation of the food was not that high because the kitchen staff weren't Japanese, however when the food came out it shows that a non-Japanese can make a decent Japanese meal. While not authentic/traditional, the "fusion" (as some would say) meal was great. The real let down was the price, which I believe is quite exorbitant for meals like this at roughly $3 above standard - I could be wrong: it's a good location and the rent must be high.

    I recommend this restaurant if you're looking for a super-quick bite.

    May 14, 2008 

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    'Living overseas.'

    6.8 Recommended

    Food  8      Ambience  6      Service  7      Value  6     

    Very agreed. I liked the Katsu curry the one time I went for lunch. A bit pricey, but it's QV, so you expect it. Didn't have a problem with the service, and the outdoor seating was very nice in the spring. Maybe people went at the wrong time?

    Feb 07, 2008 

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    9.3 Highly Recommended

    Food  9      Ambience  9      Service  10      Value  9     

    I'm really surprised by the bad reviews this restaurant has got. I've been eating lunch here at least once a week and never had a bad experience. They were renovated last month and have had new management for a while, obviously standards have greatly improved since. You can get more genuine Japanese food elsewhere but the food is good and the atmosphere and service are of a standard usually only found in more expensive restaurants. Reliable and quick, the staff make the effort to remember who you are and what you like.

    Nov 05, 2007 

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    2.8 Not Recommended

    Food  3      Ambience  5      Service  2      Value  1     

    I don't know what has happened to this place, these guys 2 yrs ago it rocked!! I've been in away and just come home craving the katsu curry. I shoudn't have bothered! Staff very ordinary and some very wierd recipe combinations.

    May 24, 2007 

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