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Interview: Jill Jones-Evans, owner, The Tea Salon

We speak to the brains behind the quaint tea house concept, Jill Jones-Evans. A whimsical haven where guests can enjoy English-inspired high tea afternoons in plush surroundings, The Tea Salon was est…

assam laksa

Top 5 Malaysian dishes you should try

With Malay, Indian and Chinese influences, Malaysian cuisine is truly a delicious melting pot of cultures. Present-day Malaysia is home to an exciting melting pot of cultures, all of which are best ex…

old tomato

The real cost of eating out-of-season produce

A buyers’ guide to seasonal fruit and veg. With so many great ways to transport fresh(ish) fruit and veg in a hurry, we could be eating anything we want any time of the year, right? Mangoes in July, c…