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Harrigan’s Irish Pub Address

Hunter Valley Gardens
Broke Road

Pokolbin NSW 2320

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(02) 4998 4003
(02) 4998 4002



Overview of Harrigan’s Irish Pub

Typical NSW "Irish"' pub.

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    User Reviews of Harrigan’s Irish Pub, Pokolbin

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    Displaying: 1 - 10 of 18 reviews

    2 Not Recommended

    Drinks  3      Ambience  3      Service  1      Value  1     

    Omg this place is a disgrace, seriously overpriced, bad service. Never going back, definitely not recommended. Food is not worth it.

    Feb 09, 2013 

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    5.3 Average

    Drinks  5      Ambience  7      Service  7      Value  2     

    I'm not sure how a place can score low for drinks, but $16 for an apple juice, lemon lime and bitters and a schooner of beer is a touch pricey.

    We had to wait for a table, which is no real biggie, I can see that the place is a bit of a favourite, but then theres not a great deal of competition.

    I found that the kids meals were great value at $11ea with a colouring pack and ice cream, but the mains were not special at all, very modestly sized and $20+ ea.

    So, for a family of four, with 6 drinks (2 for each adult, 1 for each of the kids) we spent $90 and left still a little peckish.

    The waitress had an awesome Irish accent, so the place gets a few extra for ambience.

    Jul 02, 2012 

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    1.5 Not Recommended

    Drinks  1      Ambience  2      Service  2      Value  1     

    Simply horrible! Pie was awful potato mash was canned and vegies were boiled within an inch of their life. In addition it was completely over priced.

    May 23, 2012 

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    2.3 Not Recommended

    Drinks  3      Ambience  4      Service  1      Value  1     

    I found the staff to be rude, argumentative and very amateurish and the food was expensive for what is fairly standard pub food. For the same price you could get a much better quality meal at a number of the other local restaurants. We battled with the hostess to get a table at 6.30pm when the place was mostly empty. One of her excuses was that they couldn't accommodate our pram. She also told us we had to be out by 7.30 because they had 7.30 bookings.

    The ridiculous ordering system meant that it took us 20 minutes to order our food (it's essentially self service) and drinks (my wine was half the normal size). We eventually got our food at 7.15pm and scoffed it down by 7.30pm when the hostess and another waitress came around to tell us they immediately wanted the table back.

    The service we received ensured that I won't come back to this place again. They obviously don't know how to run a restaurant properly.

    Apr 21, 2012 

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    7.3 Recommended

    Drinks  6      Ambience  9      Service  7      Value  7     

    Good family pub, food is always of a good standard, have been many many times. Drinks a little pricey and find the house wine is only ok, the pub itself is lovely, inside and out. Its a nice break from pricey gourmet that seems to be the only food in the hunter. I recommend the salt and pepper squid!

    Apr 11, 2012 

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    3.5 Below Average

    Drinks  3      Ambience  4      Service  4      Value  3     

    The drinks were very standard for a pub. Much louder than I expected. Overall a good experience, however the bartender slept with my wife about a month after my last visit, so as a result have had to drop 2 stars off the overall score.

    Nov 28, 2011 

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    8 Recommended

    Drinks  8      Ambience  8      Service  8      Value  8     

    Good food esp the Schnitzel and the steak sandwich. Well priced. Nice location. Recommended if you're looking a nice lunch in the sun!

    Jul 20, 2010 

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    5 Average

    Drinks  5      Ambience  9      Service  1      Value  5     

    Came here with friends to see b52s and I must say the food is very plain like any other pubs. Hunter valley is screaming out for some one with a pub like this to serve really good food, and people who are visiting don't mind paying higher prices for this. It took 20 minutes to buy some drinks, and as we go to the hunter many times before this has never changed. The only highlight was walking back to the leisure inn in the pitch black as there is no lights on the dirt path, hilarious.

    May 21, 2010 

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    2.8 Not Recommended

    Drinks  5      Ambience  3      Service  2      Value  1     

    Came here on a Tuesday night, not exactly the biggest night of the week. Ordered a steak and guiness pie and scotch fillet, waited 40 minutes, could see meals sitting on counter, eventually arrived, pie quite fine, steak and veges cold, sent back and asked to re-heat, veges were hot, steak - stone cold! Sent back again and under impression new meal was on its way, staff kindly offered refund, 45 minutes later and starving, still no dinner. After asking again and admissions by staff of 'miscommunication' finally got dinner. Despite a good steak cooked to perfection, it was not worth the 2 hr wait.

    Good for a beer, not for a feed.

    May 11, 2010 

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    7 Recommended

    Drinks  7      Ambience  7      Service  6      Value  8     

    Good value pub food/experience in the (very overpriced) Hunter Valley. We found Harrigan's to be a family-friendly venue. The food was good value and tasty. Good sized portions which met our expectations. The only downside is the line-up to order, it can get quite busy and you can be standing in line for some time.

    Be careful if it's a wet day, the tiles around the entrance are slippery and there are no warnings, my 5 year old son went down for the count! Other than that, a pleasant experience which didn't hurt the finances like some other venues in the Hunter Valley.

    Apr 26, 2010 

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    Displaying: 1 - 10 of 18 reviews

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