Change Location

You can use the Change Location pop up box to easily change between city and regional guides but you can also get right down into the specific area you're interested in, or zoom out and get an overall view at the country or state level.

If you're only interested in what's in your suburb, simply select that location and we'll only show you relevant things within that suburb.

The navigation bar shown below reflects the types of things that were found in your currently selected location and clicking on a type, e.g. Restaurants & Nightlife, only shows restaurants & nightlife venues within your location.

navigation bar
Tip: If you're within a suburb or region of a city, you'll see something like this:

navigation bar

This means you are viewing things within Greenwich only. If you want to get back to Sydney, there's a simple shortcut - just click on the little  x  next to Greenwich to return back to the city level guide (or click on Sydney).

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