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I love leaves

Would you give up your favourite food for love?

Chris Martin gave up plenty meat for Gwyneth. Would you follow suit? We all know them: those couples who support each other’s lifestyle choices and eating habits by abstaining from meat or gluten or a…

Indonesian spices

5 dishes to eat on Indonesian Independence Day

On August 17, Indonesians around the world celebrate Indonesian Independence Day. We’re celebrating too, by eating the best grub the country has to offer. New to Indonesian food? Rice might be the cou…

News bite

News Bites

Foodie news, highlights and events this week. Pop-Up Pho Bar Sydney’s Tina Do, known for her Vietnamese delights at Bondi and Eveleigh markets, is behind Bar Pho Pop-Up. For six weeks, the Foundry’s c…

kale sign

All hail kale!

Kale smoothies, shakes, chips…this ugly green veggie is everywhere. What’s with our kale obsession? Food fads are fleeting but have a huge influence on what we put in our mouths. One minute we’re devo…