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102 Ipswich Rd
Woolloongabba QLD 4102

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(07) 3391 5022
(07) 3391 2096


Steak House

Prices $$$

Average Meal Price $48 - based on one entree & main course only


Mon to Thu Noon - 2:30pm
Fri Noon - 3pm
Sun Noon - 3pm
Sun to Thu 5:30pm - 9pm
Fri to Sat 5:30pm - 9:30pm




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    User Reviews of Norman Hotel, Woolloongabba

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    Displaying: 1 - 10 of 11 reviews

    3.2 Below Average

    Food  3      Drinks  2      Ambience  7      Service  2      Value  2     

    Overpriced. Nice setting, but the food here has just got so average since the new owners bought it from the previous owner. The staff are just so abrupt and rude. Every table has Reserved on it and you have to find a person to allocate a table, seemed like a drama to the staff that found us a table for two.

    The caesar salad was disgusting and unedible, they agreed and gave us a voucher for another caesar on our next visit. Steak was ok, but no care, just like a conveyor belt mentality. Very expensive and very average. If you want this sort of food, go to the Pineapple Hotel Or the original Breakfast Creek.

    Jun 11, 2012 

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    8.2 Recommended

    Food  8      Drinks  9      Ambience  8      Service  9      Value  7     

    Girlfriend had the eye fillet which she ordered well-done but it was pink in the middle and for someone who has a fear of raw meat, is not ideal for her. Actually I'm trying to convert her to medium rare/medium. It's a working progress.

    I ordered the rib on the bone which was cooked medium and perfect. The jacket potatoes are Ok but the weird bacony thing they put on top is well, weird... The hot mustard was fantastically hot and fresh. Though no horseradish. Good busy pub atmosphere and food was exceptionally quick to come out inspite of the busy Saturday night crowd. Being from Sydney, this was my first foray into the steak restaurant scene in Brisbane and I would recommend to anyone. Must now compare to another steak restaurant in Brisbane.

    May 24, 2011 

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    7 Recommended

    Food  9      Drinks  9      Ambience  5      Service  6      Value  6     

    Almost identical presentation and prices to Breakfast Creek Hotel but the small eye filet better here comparing several lunchtime visits to both. The steaks come as ordered and remember, it's only a pub. I'll be back.

    Mar 19, 2009 

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    3.6 Below Average

    Food  1      Drinks  1      Ambience  6      Service  8      Value  2     

    The steaks were over cooked and overpriced. We were served soggy salads at 5.50 pm. The salads were already on the plate when we arrived at just after 5 pm. My rib on the bone ($35.00 for a pub meal???) was ordered medium-rare. It arrived well-done. It was crusty and blackened on the outside with a large cut on the underside, where the chef must have drained the last drop of moisture from the meat to ensure a perfect saw-dusty flavor to go with the texture.

    The "big Norman" was a big rump, about 600g. About 600g too much. It was badly cooked and tough. For the prices they charge one would expect way better quality meat. Don't waste your time or money.

    Dec 10, 2008 

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    3.8 Below Average

    Food  3      Drinks  3      Ambience  5      Service  5      Value  3     

    I've had 2 really bad steaks here, and would prefer not to eat there again. However, some of my workmates love it so I just order something other than steak. It really is quite expensive though - I don't think you get what you pay for. Wrote/emailed the pub to let them know that it was not up to scratch - but they just don't care!

    Sep 16, 2008 

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    8 Recommended

    Food  9      Drinks  9      Ambience  8      Service  7      Value  7     

    Eaten and drank there intermittently... the steaks were great and its good for groups. Cheers.

    Jul 17, 2008 

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    5 Average

    Food  6      Drinks  6      Ambience  5      Service  4      Value  4     

    I've been eating regularly at the Norman for about 10 years, always for the consistency of their great steaks (well sourced good meat cooked perfectly!) and a certain vibey type of lunching experience. On a sunny but not too hot Friday it was always packed, bustling staff racing but coping and the quality of the food never faltered.

    It produced a fairly unique atmosphere for what is still basically an upmarket pub meal. The Cavill family had it humming and it was a gold mine for them. When I heard that it had been bought by a big corporation, I worried for its future. A year went by and the operating modus barely changed. Great!! Lunching there today for the first time in 3 or 4 months -it's changed!!

    Firstly the staff have all been dressed in some ghastly casual corporate garb. Virtually all of the 'vibrant' waiting staff in their hip T-shirts has been replaced with what appears an ex-Woolworths/Coles checkout operator. There's been a subtle downgrading of the food quality across the board, not good when you are forking out $35 for a steak in a largely serve yourself establishment. Our steaks were OK but both the quality of the meat and the way they were cooked was a far cry from the old Norman greatness.

    10 years I've never sent a steak back at the Norman (or thought of it) but today I could have except all I really wanted to do was get out of there and lament the passing of a long time favourite eating spot.

    Apr 12, 2008 

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    7.4 Recommended

    Food  8      Drinks  8      Ambience  6      Service  7      Value  8     

    Best steaks you'll get from a restaurant. Any meat eater will lovet his place. Top food all round. (Make sure you book ahead though).

    Jun 24, 2007 

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    9.2 Highly Recommended

    Food  10      Drinks  10      Ambience  9      Service  8      Value  9     

    Food is absolutely fantastic. I had the wagyu steak last time and am looking forward to next time already. Atmosphere is great at the outside tables and I do not have a problem with having to collect the food from the counter myself as opposed to having it delivered to the table.

    It makes for a great, relaxed and casual night out. They do a great job of ensuring that the meals are ready at the same time - my partner likes his steak medium-well and I like mine medium-rare, even so, our steaks are always ready at the same time.

    Feb 26, 2007 

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    3.6 Below Average

    Food  6      Drinks  6      Ambience  4      Service  1      Value  1     

    The steaks are tasty as cooked well and sourced from the right suppliers. The salad items do not compliment the meat as there is no room on plate and the dressings are not nice. Food has to be picked up from self service counter and only drinks are delivered.. I would prefer to get my own drinks and have food served on table.

    It is a very tight squeeze around tables. Chairs often clip the ones behind you where another group is sitting. Pretty uncomfortable for the larger people around town who tend to be bigger from eating too much meat and no salad.

    Feb 02, 2007 

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    Displaying: 1 - 10 of 11 reviews

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