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18 Charlotte Street
Brisbane CBD QLD 4000

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(07) 3221 6433

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Average Meal Price $33 - based on one entree & main course only

General Price
Entrees $4.50-$13.95
Mains $19.95-$25.95
Desserts $9.95-$12.95

Set Menu $10.50

Prices last updated:  06/2009


Mon to Sun Midnight - Midnight
Always Open 24/7/365




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    User Reviews of Pancake Manor, Brisbane CBD

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    Displaying: 1 - 10 of 12 reviews

    5.2 Average

    Food  4      Coffee  6      Ambience  8      Service  5      Value  3     

    Pretty darn average. Poached eggs came out fried, crispy bacon came out fatty... all swimming in a plate of oil. I had to wipe the food down before eating it. Once I got the oil off the food, it was edible. All food came out hot which was good. But so it should!

    Pancakes were ok but really, how wrong can you go after you smother anything in maple syrup. Average coffee, average service. Won't be back unless I'm starving at 4am and nothing else is open.

    Aug 18, 2013 

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    4.5 Below Average

    Food  5      Ambience  5      Service  3      Value  5     

    This place open 24 hrs and it get busy, they could do with some extra staff as the staff are running around literally. We have been there a few times different times of day, the service is ok. You have to wait in line most of the time to get in but its worth the wait only for the pancakes and sweet crepes.
    The ultimate crepe Two French crepes filled with cream cheese, sultanas, lemon juice and vanilla, served with raspberry coulis and vanilla ice cream is to die for, if this was your last meal You would die happy.

    One thing that is ridicules that a person has to wait in line to pay for their bill, sometimes its been 10 minutes its annoying, one register for this huge restaurant. Their main meal are not too good, the savory crepes are awful not much content in there, you have to fish for fish in the seafood crepe and scratch around to find the chicken in the chicken crepe. The salad on the side is a good serving.

    The main meals are priced just like most places, won't go back for a meal, but the breakfast pancakes are good. Sometimes the pancakes are under cooked, usually when they are busy, which makes them heavy. This place is great if you feel like something sweet at 2 am or any time.

    Aug 14, 2011 

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    2 Not Recommended

    Food  2      Ambience  1      Service  2      Value  3     

    Quite simply the worst place I have ever eaten in my entire life. My mates and I were cruising the town and were invited to a "party" for a distant friend. We thought "what the hey" and rocked in before hitting some clubs... big mistake.

    Pancakes at the Manor is overpriced, filthy and poorly maintained. The complete lack of any self respect by the management was painfully obvious once my partner noticed the general uncleanliness, to the point where during our entire time (almost 2 hours) we watched items of food (1/2 strawberry, potato wedge, lettuce leaf etc) which had fallen on the floor be walked over by staff several times, until one diligent team member swiftly kicked the wedge under the table they were seating people, actually as they were seating people! This example basically sums up the look, feel, taste, and especially the smell, of this restaurant. Nasty!

    We were told there was a bar downstairs, so to take a break from the circus upstairs we headed down to see what's the sitch. I must say the beer selection was fantastic, with import stubbies only $5.00 including my favourited Kronenberg. Some other customers said they were paying $6 but my partner knew the bartender so gave us hospitality prices all night! Cool!

    Apart from those moments of fun in the dark bar, I would never say this place is good, not even average, it is an embarrassment. My mates girlfriend ordered off the kids menu and got the cheeseburger, another couple of guys ordered the beef burger from the main menu... They were the same burger! Only the adult burger came with some burnt capsicum, sloppy egg and frozen garlic butter for $21 and the kids burger came with cheese and ketchup for $8... both with chips and salad... Including the same size burger bun, meat patty and chips!

    Avoid the pancakes. They are under cooked but somehow dry? They taste of chalk mixed with potato starch, but not before you avoid the crepes. Seriously. These things are small tasteless tubes of crepe 1/2 filled with your choice of gunk and all for the asking price of $22.. not worth it, and I would actually prefer to lick the floor of a brisbane taxi. Oh the crepes come with a "crispy fresh garden salad"... these guys are kidding, it was limp, over dressed and had to many raw onions... thanks but no thanks.

    All in all I would rate the Pancake Manor 2/10, 1 point for the "understanding" bar staff, and 1 point for actually having the maracas to run a joint like this.

    May 06, 2011 

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    7 Recommended

    Food  7      Ambience  9      Service  5      Value  7     

    If you're in the mood for pancakes, this is the place. If you're in the mood for anything else, you're out of luck. The building is absolutely delightful. I used to enjoy going there to play games, but management seems to have had a change of heart and kicked the gamers out. I might go there again one day, but I'd have to really be in the mood for pancakes.

    Feb 08, 2011 

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    1.5 Not Recommended

    Food  3      Ambience  1      Service  1      Value  1     

    Very dissapointing. The roof leaked downstairs, the female toilet was broken, they locked the replacement toilet several times. The barstaff kept disappearing. We rented the Knight Room as a venue and our dinner booking was bumped from 7:30 to 8:30 pm. We were told we couldn't order food for downstairs. When 9:30 pm rolled around and we still hadn't been seated they suddenly revealed we could order basic meals (wedges, etc).

    We were seated at 10 pm. When our room booking ended at midnight we were evicted from downstairs in mintues and told our group could grab a table in the restaurant. When we did, we were told we had to leave or be charged with trespassing. I watched the same table sit empty for 45 mintues while we ate birthday cake in the street outside. The staff were rude and made it very clear that they have no interest in good service.

    Feb 26, 2010 

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    3 Below Average

    Food  1      Ambience  6      Service  4      Value  1     

    For a while I had the intention to eat at the Pancake Manor, passing by it once in a while and wondering what made it an icon in Brisbane. A few weeks ago I took the plunge and decided to, late at night, have something to eat there. I was impressed by the building, it's been well kept and has wonderful arches and a beautiful ceiling. I ordered a Greek delight crepe. What an atrocious meal.

    It was filled with feta and spinach. The feta in it was rubbery and the sludge of overcooked spinach made me gag. All swimming in a tasteless food coloring green sauce. I do have a huge tolerance for bad food (thanks to a less than skilled mom) but this place has earned the marks of the worst place I've ever eaten. Definitely not worth the twenty something dollars I paid for it.

    Oct 01, 2009 

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    4 Below Average

    Food  1      Ambience  7      Service  4      Value  4     

    We arrived after a concert which finsihed at about 10:30 pm - 11:00 pm. The place was busy with concert goers. Ordered water and the glasses were dirty. Ordered a serve of chips and they were stone cold. Took the chips back and we given another serve which were also cold. Gave us and left.

    Aug 07, 2009 

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    1 Not Recommended

    Food  1      Ambience  1      Service  1      Value  1     

    I hated the place. It was my last night in Brizzy and it was suggested by my friends that we go there. I wasn't happy that this was once a church, hence, my religious beliefs. The service was terrible the music way too loud and the pancakes were terrible, I had the chocolate ones. Not one person at our table finished theirs. I didn't either. Anytime back in Brizzy I won't be going there and I wouldn't recommend it.

    Aug 04, 2009 

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    1.8 Not Recommended

    Food  1      Ambience  2      Service  2      Value  2     

    Well my story about this place is simple and straight forward. I went with a few friends to enjoy some pancakes, after we ordered we were waiting for over an hour while people got served their foods even they came in long after us. After twice asking the waiters about what is going on, both said they would be back shortly to tell us where our food was, but both times no one came back and we felt like we were avoided on purpose, as well as no more waiters came past.

    About the ambience, personally I think it is a joke, it has no style, no atmosphere and the service and overall value was not to be recommended. Also we got told two different stories when asked what is taking so long as pretty much most people left angry and upset at the same time.

    While we did not get any food as such, I was surprised to not find any prices on the menu as well as the presentation of passing by dishes in contrast with the pictures taken for the menu seemed unprofessional and hardly tempting, but we thought we give it a go anyway.

    From my personal opinion I think the place which appears to be some old church did not have any sort of inviting ambience. Mind you I am not an interior designer but the church itself would be so much more welcoming and good to enjoy if they just wouldn't play this strange RNB, Hip Hop and Techno music which at times was so loud that you could hardly talk. While I enjoy sometimes those types of music it just doesn't fit together.

    The conclusion therefore is, save your money, buy some eggs, flour and whatever you want as topping and make it yourself at least you might enjoy the feeling of spending some quality time with the people you were thinking of taking to this place without the hazzle.

    None of us was rude in anyway to anyone even after waiting an hour, we sat there and tried to be pollite but I think it was a waste of my time and my friends which were guests from overseas and I now really feel guilty for even thinking of taking them there, but who would have thought that making a 5 minutes pancake, putting the topping on would take so much effort.

    Last but not least it looked unorganized as dirty dishes, glasses and cups were left at the counter in the middle of the bar, sorry to say but I think a fish and chips place in the middle of nowhere has a better organisational structure then this one.

    If anyone who might read this should be offended, I apologize, this is my own opinion which might was only a one of experience but for anyone who thinks of taking their family, friends or even partner to this place I personally would make a long way around it because I don't think that the place is any different then what we experienced and that is not based on the missing food, but the layout, ambience, service and overall response when we told waiters that it is strange that others who order pancakes 30 minutes after us get the food within 10 minutes.

    Nov 07, 2008 

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    4.5 Below Average

    Food  3      Ambience  3      Service  7      Value  5     

    Great that it's open 24 hours but the place looks dirty and the pancakes aren't very nice and are simply microwaved and not fresh. Ok but I wouldn't go out of my way to eat there. Service is friendly. Good place if you have a large group/young/loud/just been clubbing.

    Aug 17, 2008 

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    Displaying: 1 - 10 of 12 reviews

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