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We can help you build awareness for your brand and company through sponsored advertising on our site. We are flexible and can fit your needs with advertising located at the top and right hand sides of the website as well as embedded within pages. Creative content integration and rich media formats are also accepted.

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Mark Davies
Digital Advertising Sales Manager - Optus Digital Media

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Note: Optus Digital Media is a separate company that represents Eatability and only deals with integrated sponsorships, and advertising campaigns.
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Traffic & Demographic Snapshot

  • Eatability users are wealthy, educated and with a significant amount of disposal income

  • 700,000 visits on Eatability per month

  • 68% of our users wine and dine at least once or twice per week

  • Weekday traffic - corporate executives looking for venues to wine and dine

  • 65% of users has household income of 61,000 or more

Last Updated: Sep 2013

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